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In order to stimulate the proper development of the plants and the normal course of all physiological processes in this phase of the vegetative growth of the plants, it is necessary to increase the circulation of fresh air in the production space (greenhouse).

The room in which the vegetative development takes place is provided with 1000 W HW bulbs, and the light mode is set to 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness. The bulbs are placed at an appropriate distance that will provide the plants with the necessary light and heat energy, without the possibility of overheating or possible burning of the tips of the leaves. The room temperature is maintained at 18 – 28 ° С, while the humidity is 60 – 70%.

The controlled air circulation in the production space (greenhouse) will additionally enable the creation of greater integrity of the plants. Due to the sensitivity of this phase of plant development, the entire vegetative process is carefully monitored through inspection and control of the underground and aboveground part of the plants. At this stage, the need for more intensive plant nutrition is more pronounced and for that purpose it is necessary to add balanced nutrients, ie soluble and easily available micro and macro elements. Plant feeding will be done with certified organic fertilizers. The controlled conditions in the room maintained at an optimal level, as well as the proper nutrition of the plants should ensure proper growth and development of the plants, formation of a stable aboveground vegetative part (stem and leaves), stronger root system, as well as normal photosynthesis and other biochemical and physiological processes in plants. This will enable the creation of the necessary immunity of plants to diseases and resistance to pests. For this purpose, additionally at this stage techniques of cutting, bending, etc. are applied.

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