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Germination and transplanting of plants

At all stages of development, including the seed germination stage, special attention is paid to soil moisture.

Excessive addition of water to the soil can cause a number of side effects, such as reduction of available oxygen in the soil, poor development of the root system, reduced growth and number of leaves, etc.
Once the seeds germinate and the plants reach the appropriate size, they are transplanted into larger pots and transferred to the growing room. Transplantation of seedlings should be performed carefully, without causing the so-called transplant shock, which requires the soil to be provided with adequate humidity and careful handling of planting material.


Each plant is marked and bears its own identification number, which ensures traceability and accurate records of the entire production average. In the production part, a total of 800 pots will be placed, ie 200 pots in each of the production premises organized in 5 rows of 40 pots. With this procedure the plants enter the phase of vegetative development.


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